When will I get my preorder item?

Occasional updates on production progress and shipping and reception as well as possible unforeseen delays. It is preferred that you use this page instead of emailing questions about preorder updates. Thank you!

Two new preorder listings added: Food Cubes Deskmats preorder and Splat3 Plush Pillows preorder. Charges will be upfront because items are already in production from out-of-pocket cost (aka they are already paid for). Please note that preorder items can be ordered ONLY with other preorder items, do not add any regular store items, you will be immediately refunded.



All desk mats and pillows have arrived! QC has not started but preorders are on schedule.



All desk mats are shipped! All Shiver-only orders have also shipped! Next are Frye-only and then Shiver+Frye pillowcase orders and then the rest of preorders! Thanks for your patience!



All preorders part of this session have been shipped! Extras have been added to the same listings and listings have been adjusted to regular sale. Thanks so much!