Details regarding the project origin and the current track for future iterations.


Hi there! You’re probably here because you are interested in the Flavored Ink series pins. I wanted to make this page to give a quick summary of where this project started so I am transparent about the series as a whole.

Flavored Ink started as a crowdfunding project in 2021 and had numerous manufacturing issues mainly in communications as the representative refused to answer me for months at a time. The pins are not made to my specifications, however, individually they are fine. The differences in the pins really only make them a bit less curated as a set but you wouldn’t be able to tell with a single one.

Here are some of the differences you might find that deviate from my intention with the set as a whole: some squids and octos are slightly bigger or smaller proportionally compared to their counterpart, some metal lines are thicker/thinner, and some pupils or eye details differ from their original digital vector.

Purchases of the remaining pins will fund a reproduction of the set with more specific attention to the look as a whole (which was out of my control at the time despite my directions). I also intend to add new versions or “flavors” to the Flavored Ink set over time!

Thank you for taking a moment to read about the project, hope you enjoy the cephalopods!